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Property Management

Our company is built around the belief that Property Management is the most critical element to ensure long term success in real estate investing. We will design a custom management program based on your needs and preferences.

  • Tenant Selection - since the mortgage company does not care if you didn't receive rent last month, we move quickly to fill vacancies with good quality tenants. Our reputation for taking care of our properties, combined with advertising and our website, provide an excellent source of prospects to rent your property. Our background & credit check process serve to screen the applicants to help make sure that once the tenant moves in, they pay on time and take care of your valuable property.
  • Rental Appraisals - set the rent to high and you have unnecessary vacancies, but set it too low and your cash flow suffers. Our experience can make sure you are receiving the proper market rent for your property.
  • Maintenance - repairs are inevitable in this business. We can fix a variety of problems right away at a very reasonable price. If our own maintenance staff cannot solve your problems, chances are, we know somebody that can. Over the years, we have established relationships with many service businesses that perform quality work at a fair price.